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* Domestic Site -University Clubs- *

Tokyo Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club(JA1YAD)
University of Tokyo Amateur Radio Club(JA1YWX,JA1ZLO)
Hokkaido University Amateur Radio Club(JA8YBY)

* Domestic Site -Others- *

Packet Radio User's Group (PRUG)
Communications Research Laboratory

* Foreign Site -University Clubs- *

Yale University Amateur Radio Club(W1YU)
Columbia University Amateur Radio Club(W2AEE)
Rensselaer Polytech Institute Amateur Radio Club(W2SZ)
Rutgers University Ham Radio Club(WA2NPP)
Penn State Amateur Radio Club(K3CR)
University of Maryland Amateur Radio Club(W3EAX)
Auburn University Amateur Radio Club(K4RY)
Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club(W4AQL)
North Carolina State University Amateur Radio Society(W4ATC)
University of Central Florida Amateur Radio Club(WB4TCW)
Clemson University Amateur Radio Club(WD4EOG)
University of Southwestern Louisiana Amateur Radio Club(KC5OLL)
University of Texas Amateur Radio Club(W5EHM)
New Mexico State University Amateur Radio Club(W5GB)
Mississippi State University Amateur Radio Club(W5YD)
Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas(W5YM)
Stanford Amateur Radio Club(W6YX)
Washington State University Amateur Radio Club(W7YH)
University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club(W8UM)
Indiana University Amateur Radio Club(K9IU)
Bradley University Amateur Radio Club(W9JWC)
University of Illinois(W9YH)
University of Missouri Amateur Radio Club(W0ZLN)
Technical University of Ilmenau(DK0TUI)
Pusan Naitional University Amateur Radio Club(HL0M)
University of Toronto HAM Club(VE3UOT)
University of Manitoba Amateur Radio Society(VE4UM)
University of British Columbia Amateur Radio Club(VE7UBC)

* Foreign Site -Others- *

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)
ICOM America
Contesting On-line
DX 4 WIN(Logging program for Windows)
Ham Radio Outlet
Low Band Monitor Home Page
The QRZ Ham Site
Space Environment Laboratory
ZJ Electronics
AD1C's Homepage
DK5RK's Homepage
EI5DI's Homepage
Tesselo Contest Team(IQ4T)
KA9FOX Web Site
KE7GH's Homepage
KY1H's Homepage
LA9HW's Homepage
NZ1M's Homepage
OH2BUA Web Cluster
PI4CC's Homepage
PI4COM's Homepage
NG3K's Homepage
N3KFN's Homepage
N6IP's Homepage
PS7AB's Homepage
VE7TCP's Homepage
WB2K's Homepage
The Potomac Valley Radio Club(W3LPL)
YW1A's Homepage
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